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Should Toronto Condo Investors Buy Now or Wait?

The City of Hamilton is undergoing major changes. Recently, the city approved four new investment projects that will reshape its current landscape. These projects will total $1.6 billion and it won’t be long before condo buyers make Hamilton their number one place to invest. These new investments will add state of the art infrastructure, endless new green space, an exciting entertainment hub and some of the finest natural attractions.

Investing in Digital Infrastructure

The City just announced a partnership with Bell Canada to invest $400 million to expand broadband internet access in both the urban and rural areas of Hamilton. This project will be known as the largest digital infrastructure investment in the City’s history. Over the next five years, the City will add direct fibre optic connections to over 200,000 homes and businesses with no cost to current taxpayers. This new network connection will provide upgraded data speeds of 1.5 gigabits per second – the fastest internet speeds in Canada.

Expansion of Entertainment Facilities

City councillors recently approved a $500-million proposal by The Precinct Group to renovate and expand Downtown Hamilton’s entertainment facilities. This proposal will include substantial changes and improvements to FirstOntario Centre, FirstOntario Concert Hall and the Hamilton Convention Centre. Three high-rise developments are also considered in this plan that will incorporate new condos and commercial space. In a media release, Hamilton’s City Council recognized this as a ‘historic decision’ that will ‘deliver entertainment, culture, and renewed vitality to Hamilton’s downtown core.’ This new development project includes an expanded and modernized arena, a newly renovated convention centre and concert hall, significant investments in the Art Gallery of Hamilton, as well as new residential, affordable housing, office and retail space.

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